Lie on your back. Place your heels into the foot cradles.Put your hands on the floor, slightly behind your shoulders. Lift your hips off the ground into a straight position and hold for 30 seconds. Do this for 3 to for rounds and you will have amazing results with a stronger core and ripped abs. Do six repetitions of each exercise with no break in between. Do just one round. These will absolutely trx workout straps your abs but bring the best out of them. Watch below. If you want more killer exercises like these, join Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution and get over 191 different and unique TRX exercises and over 27 different TRX workouts that have not been done by any other suspension trainer.


Cheap High Quality TRX Suspension Trainer Professional P1 Online TRX256

 Cheap High Quality TRX Suspension Trainer Professional P1 Online TRX256

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TRX Suspension Trainer Professional

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When Dan releases new videos, I am on it right away and go through them to see what level his new workouts are. I have to say that these 3 suspension ab exercises are killer! Not for the meak, hehe. especially the star plank exercise. Had to stop a few times and reset but finally got through these exercises. Still feeling the effects today. As alway, Dan Long provides the best content for TRX workouts and these are no exception. They target your abs and core big time and by adding or even swapping out a few from your abs routine, you are will see the results and get a killer mid-rift.

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